tiffany plans to use $275 she earned from a summer job to buy some new clothes for school. she found several items she likes but is trying to decide if she has enough money to buy all of them. she wants to buy three pair of jeans for $42 each and five shirts with an average cost of $27 per shirt. she will have to pay 6 1/2% sales tax.A. if she buys all of these items, how much tax will she have to pay?

Accepted Solution

Answer:She can't buy all that with 275, she needs at least 278. But she pays about 17 dollars in tax. original answer without rounding would be $16.97.Step-by-step explanation:Jeans are 42 dollars, she buys 3, that costs $126.Shirts cost 27 dollars, and she buys 5, that'll cost her $135.total price without sales tax is $261.multiply 261 by .065 (percent as a decimal) and you end up with 16.965, round that off to be a correct number in money terms and you get $16.97.Add 16.97 to 261, and what do you know, she doesn't have enough money to buy it all. Poor Tiffany