tabia stores her hair bands in a cube shaped container. the cube has a volume of 64 cubic inches. What is the lenght of the edges of the cube? ​

Accepted Solution

Answer:The length of the edge of the cube = 4 inchesStep-by-step explanation:* Lets describe the cube- It has 6 faces all of them are squares- It has 8 vertices- It has 12 equal edges∵ The volume of any formal solid = area of the base × height∵ The base of the cube is a square∴ Area base = L × L = L² ⇒ L is the length of the edge of it∵ All edges are equal in length∴ Its height = L∴ The volume of the cube = L² × L = L³* Now we have the volume and we want to find the  length of the edges∵ Its volume = 64 inches³∴ 64 = L³* Take cube root to the both sides∴ ∛64 = ∛(L³)∴ L = 4 inches* The length of the edge of the cube = 4 inches